Who Needs Empathy?

Doors that people occasionally open to help us understand them don’t ever stay open. They require the same level of nurturing + gentle-reign-holding each + every time we endeavor to make safe passage near + through them. In order to guide our human collective to better design decisions every day, many opportunities to deliver the best solutions are still missed for reasons out of our control, because of budgets, politics, bias, etc.

Third Coast

It wasn’t long ago I was living and working in Chicago, which is why it’s seemingly appropriate that life would lead me back through here to initiate several new facets of my life. Such a beautiful city, especially from atop the waves of Lake Michigan. The approaching winter’s light is gloriously fitting this afternoon:


I met Bradley Bergey in Seattle where we worked together for two years at the Children’s Institute for Learning Differences on Mercer Island. Around the same time, we each moved from Seattle to different parts of the world : I moved to Alaska and he moved to Mexico City. Over the next 4-5 years, we…