Teaching Fish To Swim

If you’re trying to teach fish how to swim, it helps if you put them in the water.

Does empathy bridge art + engineering?

It takes a special something, a combination of unique experience and compatible disposition, to effectively temper hard sciences with soft ones in practice. Everything may very well come back to user experience, not only in the product (the outcome) but also in the process (the story). Empathy is arguably a key component of both hard…

All in the telling

The latest technologies, including cloud, social, anything mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have and will continue to transform business, especially the customer experience, which still revolves around the story. Storytelling is still the centerpiece. Nothing new there. Storytelling has been the centerpiece since before anyone could even write….

Telling stories

We can’t throw a rock across the Web without hitting one of the many articles, posts, books, podcasts or interviews focused on the use of storytelling in business. Arguably kicking the magic out of the hat, most of them address the way stories are used in marketing goods and services (yawn). We need to think…

Cutting through the jargon

There is a lot of jargon out there. Technology, by itself, is another language, full of the complexities of any culture. It has its own nuances, postures, protocols and fashions. Couple the jargon of technology with the cultures of sales and marketing and what we get is an utter flurry of buzzwords and motivational phrases,…

revisited : pixelier

Many months ago, I set some time aside to paint with acrylics. It had been almost a year since I had last used the medium and was interested to do so for two primary reasons. First, I was working with a group of students to help illustrate for them the value of transmediation between digital…

Tin Foil

Andrew Bird does Tin Foil even better than the Handsome Family: Late New Years Eve paper hat on your head It was hard to believe that you’d ever be dead And that dream that you’re falling you’ve had since you’re five Is a bird on your shoulder that whispers goodbye What is moving will be…

Get Low

If you have not yet seen this film, you have it to look forward to:

Improvised Deconstruction

A few clicks is all it takes The kooks you don’t love me From the bottom of my heart from the wasteland you’ve got everything going to plan man De-de-duh-duh-duh-duh-de-de-duh-duh

The blog is back

After a couple of years of just letting Twitter dump schwack into it, only human-considered and hand-written articles will be once again posted into this thing. It’s good to be back to something that is only rarely considered nowadays amidst all the cross-posted, scheduled, or otherwise automated tools. Perhaps, one day our children will revert…


We tip our hats to @kdragon87 for the tip on this one:


We just wrapped a short and sweet showcase shoot of Leviticus Tattoo Studio. Kurt and crew are a pleasure to work with and are renowned in the world of ink. Check them out if you’re seeking an artist to create a one-of-a-kind work for you: