little boy standing on a pile of books looking out over the world and dreaming of adventures

How to be impervious to unpredictability.

The working world is unpredictable. It already exists as something…

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Time, time, time.

One of the most important things we all learn as…

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empathy is a bridge between art and engineering

Who needs Empathy?

I am engaged in guiding UX practice among groups of…

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More Gratitude for Postman and McLuhan

Neil Postman (March 8, 1931 – October 5, 2003) was…

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The military, vultures and residential remodeling – unlikely lessons in User Experience Design

Before I moved to the State of Abe a few…

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more silos and blue sky with clouds

DIY vs. DIT – Part II: Decentralization and Dismantling Silos


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silos and sky

“Do It Yourself” (DIY) vs. “Do It Together” (DIT)

CENTRALIZATION = DIY Once upon a time, at the beginning…

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Trump rage

Trump and the Unswerving Cycle of Rage and Revenge

Donald Trump and his administration are busy transmitting the same…

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On Being Prepared

It’s not a big secret. Organizations need to be much…

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Lessons in stepdadding

Stepdadding (sp?) is, without a doubt, one of the most…

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a humpback whale breaching out of a gymnasium floor in front of an audience of students

VR, AR and MR: Designing the New Experience Reality

UPDATE: this post was refined and published on InVision’s blog…

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Merry Christmas, Dad

Well, it’s been a whole year since you left, already.…

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Trends, once, again.

Change is a big theme this time of year, the…

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Brightly lit christmas tree aglow in a dark snow covered forest

This Year’s Introspection Perception Reflection

Dear, Daschel, I love this time of year, I love…

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The National - Trouble Will Find Me

Heavenfaced: Gratitude and Grieving

When we’re grieving, it’s easy to forget it’s a mysterious…

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Grace Hopper

Happy Birthday, Grace

Grace Murray Hopper was as cool a lady as ever…

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Peter Gabriel smiling while in conversation

Peter Gabriel is right about jargon

Generally speaking, don’t use jargon. If you happen to be…

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Dear Loneliness

Dear Loneliness, I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve…

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Perfect is the enemy of good

Something Dad used to say came into my mind yesterday,…

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Show up. Do your best.

This is the best advice I’ve ever received. It’s so…

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