What’s the 10/65 Film Festival?

What’s the 10/65 Film Festival?


Make your 10-Second Film for this year’s 10/65 Reduce, Reuse + Recycle 10-Second Film Festival according to these guidelines:

1. Think up a short video (10-15 seconds) about Reducing, Reusing and/or Recycling.

Need some inspiration? Check out some examples.

Make yours in the spirit of one or more of these genres:

  • How-To
  • Documentary
  • Comedy
  • Music Video
  • Game Show
  • Buddy Movie
  • Action Movie
  • Drama

2. Shoot your video on a digital device (smartphone, tablet, camera, etc.).

3. Make sure it’s between 10-15 seconds in length.

4. Name the file if you can. If my name is Pat Farmer, for example, I should name it with my initials, school, grade + movie title, separated with dashes.

Something like this:


If you can’t name the file, that’s okay, don’t worry.

Instead, when you email your video, be sure to include your initials, school, grade + movie title in your message, along with your video file.

5. Email your video file to:

[email protected]

Deadline for entries – 12a, April 17, 2018

Visit the official website: https://10secondfilmfestival.com