Idea Machine

My little boy teaches me to innovate within a limited set of materials and parameters through a simple but challenging exercise: he asks me to draw a unique napkin for his lunch each day.

Next up: MacTech 2018

I’m grateful to be included among the impressive list of speakers invited to present in L.A. this year. Here’s the synopsis of my talk.

Facebook Hack: Moving Forward

Most people have no idea whether they have or haven’t used their Facebook account to log into other sites and services across the Web. Here’s some practical steps to find out and mitigate the risks.

Grace Hopper on Letterman

Some heavy gratitude to John Feminella (@jxxf), Jeff Roberson (@jeffroberson), and @snipeyhead for sharing their inspiring conversation via twitter today that turned me onto this incredible clip.

Next up: GrrCon + ISACA

I’m grateful and honored for being invited to attend and present at a couple of particularly awesome conferences next month, especially to soak up what others have learned so far this year. Here’s looking forward to learning from old pals and new ones, too.

Life, Nematodes, and Zero Effect

I agree with anyone who says Zero Effect is one of the greatest existential movies ever made, if only because of a single line…

Coming soon: new pup!

When it comes to dogs, I’m biased towards the working breeds. We’ve got dibs on first pick of a fine litter coming in October!

FLASHBACK – Videotape

FLASHBACK – Originally posted on October 21, 2007 In Rainbows has occupied most of my weekend as I’ve finally had a chance to make time to sit down with it and listen intimately without interruption. I’ve listened to it dozens of times now, even through the night. It’s had me simultaneously dancing around, in tears,…

Media Literacy is part of the solution to our problems.

Media is everywhere. Literally. Everywhere. It’s a tricky thing. Teachers will passionately tell us that this is the Holy Grail, the Million Dollar Question: How can we teach kids to be discriminating about information so that they grow up to be sophisticated, discerning and informed grown-ups? Imagine this for some context: If we’d only just…