I offer you Crash Course: brief, memorable, remotely-delivered training that accelerates your resilience-mindset. 20 or 50-minute sessions are customized to your audience & initiatives.

What’s a CrashCourse?

The purpose of a CrashCourse is to quickly change common habits & vastly reduce your odds of experiencing identity theft, fraud, social-engineering & other incidents that can compromise your productivity, reputation & bottom line.

By changing our perspective slightly, we begin to recognize & eliminate or minimize preventable risks to ourselves which in turn protects our families, friends, clients & organizations.

A CrashCourse can integrate other Information Security or Technology topics in general, or focus on your own initiative, maybe a new policy, technology, procedure, or tool, while driving the theme of risk management & resilience. I include summaries of Privacy & Compliance requirements specific to organizations & industries, tailored to their culture, size, scope & level of complexity.

A brief call to introduce ourselves & plan is all it takes to get started:

Make It Quick

20 or 50-minute sessions are calendar-friendly.

Make It Stick

Relevant, entertaining & memorable.

Less Is More

1-2 sessions per year help keep teams sharp.

Use the contact info down below to schedule a session for you & your team.


For those who require something a little stronger than a CrashCourse, I offer CrisisPractice : table-top & live simulations with you & your team.

Simulations are powerful because they’re low-stakes (won’t actually interrupt your business), fast (can be done in as little as 20 minutes) & cheap compared to the alternative.

Practicing a crisis pro-actively is less stressful, less expensive & I daresay way more fun. It seems to make teams feel particularly united, too.

A fast, simple, yearly simulated interruption to your organization can be achieved in person, remotely or in any combination.

Table-Top & Live Exercises

Find out how well your team understands their roles & key success factors in a crisis that impacts regular operations.

Refine Your Team’s Knowledge & Preparedness

Quick debriefing shares insights you can put to use now.

Fast & Regular

Sims are fast & memorable enough to ensure you & your team look forward to them once or twice each year.

Use the contact info below to schedule a session for you & your team.