MacTech 2018

MacTech is a unique conference held in Los Angeles each November, designed for the niche community of world-class professionals working with Apple technology across contexts, disciplines + cultures. Attendees come from countries all over the world for the 3-day conference, filled with elevating workshops, presentations, activities + networking opportunities.

MacTech - Los Angeles in November
MacTech: Los Angeles in November? Soultry.

I had the honor of being invited to speak there last year + I can confirm that it is everything it’s cracked up to be. It is a first-class experience, thanks to the efforts of Neil Ticktin + his team. Highly recommended.

I’m humbled to share that my presentation was posted recently, among the impressive list of presenters that included Trammell Hudson, whose work on + generosity with Magic Lantern firmware I have been grateful for for from the moment I acquired my first Canon 5DMKII back in 2005. What amazing company I shared at MacTech last year. What an honor and a pleasure!

MacTech is truly a global community of Apple technology professionals.

They’ve invited me back and I’m excited to stay for the whole conference this year, as last year I flew in the morning of, presented, and flew out after due to other obligations.

Here’s a link they gave me to share that offers you discounted pricing ($700 off): Just so you know, I don’t get anything out of your using that link except the satisfaction that I helped you save some cheddar + turned someone else onto Neil’s brainchild, which is MacTech.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to share my contribution to last year’s conference here. It’s almost 50 minutes in length, so find a quiet, comfortable spot somewhere if you like: Cybersecurity is Dead. Long Live Cyber Resilience.