Say hello to ‘Jack’!

We picked up our new puppy yesterday and he’s settling in very nicely. Of the puppies I’ve raised in my life, this little guy is v.3.0 and is a mature release, to say the least: rode home in the car chill as can be, took a family stroll with all of us last night after dinner (without a leash even), followed and stayed with us on the sidewalk thanks largely to Meta.

He’s already being successful with potty training, eating/drinking like a champ, slept through the night after whining for just a little while, fetching a ball, and is just generally being charming.

I must be dreaming, and realize there are some looong days and nights ahead with training, etc., but so far, so good. He’s so smart and responsive. And CUTE.

Welcome to the family, Jack-o-lantern. We already big love you.