Let’s join forces.

I design and deliver resilience strategy exercises that quickly improve your operational resilience and minimize your potential for loss by eliminating preventable risk that would otherwise compromise your productivity, reputation, and bottom line. Here are examples of some of my deliverables:

  • create your own, sustainable resilience team and program:
    • help you provide informed and appropriate responses to your clients’ security questionnaires and requirements
    • serve as your board’s technology and resilience subject matter expert
    • identify and define your owned risks to help you prioritize preventable ones
    • verify you’re not over or under-cyber-insured, etc.
    • keep you informed on current, relevant, and emerging practices to ensure you’re prepared for strategic response to a broad spectrum of unplanned events, including cybercrime, human error, and even pandemics.
    • conduct annual team crisis-response simulations (live/remote/table-top)

Then, you might choose to build resilience goals and strategies into your operations:

  • build a team culture focused on a resilience to eliminate more preventable risks
  • establish your 3rd-party risk assessement process for compliance purposes
  • guide you through incident response to minor and major unplanned events including cybercrime, human error, and pandemics
  • ensure technical information brought to you is accurate, complete, and what to do with it

Pragmatic vs. Academic

It’s not uncommon for IT and/or security advisors to be strictly academic with their recommendations. In reality, it’s okay to believe perfect can be the enemy of good. Good is my starting or short-term goal, to elevate your organization’s resilience quickly and achieve a sustainable and workable solution with great as a goal over the long-term. My guidance is driven by you, tailored to your needs, capabilities, and budget. It’s less about technology or security purism and more about outcomes.

I Make Complex Things Friendly

I’ve been accused of making boring things fun. I regularly communicate with diverse audiences in regular language about technology and security problems and their solutions. I use pictures, audio, video, stories, and memorable metaphors that make sense to everyday people. My presentations are not typical, snore-inducing, or face-melting.

When Might I Help?

I can help when you’re frustrated or impatient about the IT and security (or lack thereof) in your organization. Maybe you’re concerned about your alignment to industry standards and risks to your organization. I’m helpful when you’re uncertain about the right questions to ask your current providers and unsure about the accuracy and completeness of the responses you receive. Many of my clients call me their “trusted translater.”

How Might I Help?

I might independently assess your organization’s technology environment and deliver pragmatic steps to improve. I often answer questions like:

  • Is our IT fit-for-purpose?” I might analyze your current IT environment and help you measure alignment to the needs of your organization. Then, we work together to address gaps.
  • Is our IT secure?” I might assess how your IT is contributing to your organization’s resilience against cyber crime, payment fraud, and other common and current social-engineering attacks. Then, I provide guidance on simple, cost-effective improvements to minimize your preventable risks.
  • Is our IT aligned to industry expectations?” I might assess your organization’s alignment to your industry’s compliance expectations with international privacy and data protection laws and standards, including ugly acronymonic things like these: ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, CCPA, etc. I might define your priorities to meet compliance with existing and/or potentially future clients.
  • “We need everything can you help?” I might design a great starting technology infrastructure and strategy for you to be able to start-up quickly and make the most of your technology investments with regard to IT, cybersecurity, risk management, and outsourcing to the cloud.


My name’s Chad Calease. I’ve advised business decision-makers on technology over 20 years across contexts, industries, disciplines, sectors, and continents. I tend to gravitate towards complex problems that require broad skill sets to solve. Teams know me as a people-focused designer at heart, a fluent technologist in the head, a resourceful leader. Here’s praise some have offered.

I Work For You

While I work with your team, vendors, partners and/or service providers, I have allegiance only to you. I provide an agnostic, objective, and practical perspective. My analysis, synthesis, and guidance are truly independent. I answer only to you. I focus exclusively on your interests and concerns. 

It’s Me

I don’t have a stable of junior associates focused on filling billable hours. I do have a network of gifted, trusted, and specialized colleagues I call on if and when I need their guidance and/or specific skills. When you choose to work with me it will be me.

Let’s Join Forces

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Or send an email: hello [at] wimzkl [dot] com

Privacy: Compromising your trust would destroy my reputation. I only use your personal info for the purpose of responding to you. Specifics can be found in my privacy policy.
Confidentiality: Every conversation with me is confidential and a non-disclosure agreement can be arranged.