How I Can Help

Independent IT and Security Adviser

I work on your behalf and build a beautiful bridge between those who speak technical jargon and those who need to hear plain English. I independently assess your organization’s IT capabilities, security, risk management (like proper levels of cyber insurance, etc) and provide pragmatic guidance on how to ensure these are aligned to your needs and expectations.

When I Can Help

I’m useful when you’re:

  • Frustrated and impatient about the quality of IT and security in your organization
  • Concerned about your alignment to industry standards on IT and security
  • Uncertain about the right questions to ask your current providers
  • Unsure about the accuracy and completeness of the responses you receive to these questions

How I Can Help

I independently assess your organization’s technology environment and deliver pragmatic steps to improve – in plain English.

My engagements vary depending on your concerns but often include seeking answers to questions like these:

  • Is IT fit-for-purpose? I analyze your current IT environment (and evaluate those who support it) to measure alignment to the needs of your organization. I guide you on how to address any gaps.
  • Is IT secure? I assess how IT is contributing to your organization’s resilience against cyber crime, payment fraud, and other common and current attacks. I provide guidance on simple improvements to minimize your preventable risks.
  • Is IT aligned to industry expectations? I assess your organization’s alignment to your industry’s compliance expectations (things like ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, CCPA, etc), with regard to IT, cybersecurity, risk management, and outsourcing to the cloud.

I also add to your leadership team’s breadth of experience by being its technology subject matter expert. I use my 20+ years of technology experience to ensure information brought to you is accurate, complete, and what actions to take with it.

Who I Am

Chad Calease

I’m Chad Calease. I’ve worked in technology for over 20 years in diverse roles across continents, industries, disciplines and sectors. Since 2004, I provide independent IT and Security guidance to organizations. I know the questions to ask about technology, how to interpret and challenge the answers, and what to do next. Here’s some praise others have offered about their experiences. You can learn more about me from this timeline, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I Work for You

While I work with your organization’s staff and service providers to understand what’s going on, I have no allegiance to current solutions or previous decisions. My analysis, synthesis, and guidance are truly independent. I only answer to you. I focus on your interests and concerns. 

It’s ‘Me’ – Not ‘We’

I don’t have a stable of junior associates focused on filling billable hours. I do have a network of trusted, experienced, and specialized colleagues I can call on if and when I need their specific skills. When you choose to work with me it will be me.

I’m Highly Fluent in Technology but Speak English

I communicate regularly with Board members, leadership teams, and senior business executives in plain English about technology problems and solutions using whiteboards, cool visuals, audio, video, stories, and metaphors that are memorable and resonate with diverse audiences. These presentations aren’t typical, snore-worthy PowerPoint decks.

Pragmatic vs. Academic

There’s always room to improve IT and security but it’s not uncommon for advisors to be too academic and not realistic with their recommedations. I believe perfect can be the enemy of good. Good is always my short-term goal, to achieve a sustainable and workable solution for you and your organization quickly using time and resourses wisely, with great as a longer-term goal. My guidance is tailored to your needs and capabilities. For me, it’s not about technology or security purism. It’s about outcomes.

Let’s Have a Conversation

Let’s talk. Call me at (01) 312-521-0458. If I’m unable to answer leave your contact details and I’ll call you back. Or send me an email: hello [at]

Privacy: Compromising your trust would destroy my reputation. I only use your personal info for the purpose of responding to you. Specifics about that can be found in my privacy policy.
Confidentiality: Every conversation with me is confidential but if you need a non-disclosure agreement before we talk that can be arranged.