Eliminate Preventable Losses

While running your business it’s easy to overlook small, preventable risks that add up & make you vulnerable to business disruptions & loss. Work with someone like me to eliminate or minimize these & improve your operational resilience.

Who Am I?

My name is Chad Calease. I’ve advised business and team leaders on applied operational resilience engineering for 20 years across industries, disciplines, sectors & continents. Here’s some praise others have offered.

How Does This Work?

The process couldn’t be easier. First, through some quick conversations, I define your owned risk & together we prioritize next steps. The process takes a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of your operations.

Why Work With Me?

I focus on one thing at a time. I don’t multi-task. That’s why I’m able to do great work. For you that means I sweat the details so you can keep running & building your business with confidence.

How Might I Help?

I often answer questions like:

  • We’ve been hacked! Can you help?” I prefer to work with clients pro-actively before something not awesome happens but it’s not unusual to be introduced to clients on the worst day of their lives. I’m experienced with Digital Forensics & Incident Response across a broad spectrum of events.
  • Is our technology fit-for-purpose?” I might analyze your current IT, security & general technology environment & help you define, prioritize & measure alignment to the needs of your organization & then address gaps.
  • Is my office/home network secure?” I might assess your operational resilience then help you prioritize & mitigate concerns.
  • Are we aligned to industry expectations?” I might assess your organization’s alignment to your industry’s compliance expectations with international privacy & data protection frameworks, laws & standards, including ISO, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, CCPA & more.
  • Who has access to our (and our clients) information?” I might help you define and reduce your organization’s third-party risk to meet the expectations of existing and/or new business clients.
  • “We need everything. Can you help?” I might design & help you build lean, predictable startup technology infrastructure & strategy to make the most of your investments in IT, resilience, risk management, & outsourcing to the cloud.

Some commonly-requested services include:

  • Help your organization provide informed & appropriate responses to your clients’ security/GRC (Governance, Risk, & Compliance) questionnaires & requirements
  • Help you build operational resilience against a broad spectrum of unplanned events & changes that impact your productivity, reputation, & bottom line
  • Guide you through strategic incident response to unplanned disruptions to your business, like cybercrime, human error, & global events
  • CrashCourse –> In 20 minutes or less, I can elevate your team’s understanding & capacity to handle unplanned events that disrupt regular business operations
  • Advise on how to create & formally introduce your own, internal resilience program & team/steering committee
  • Serve as your board’s technology, information security & resilience subject matter expert
  • Help you build a resilience mindset & a team culture focused on eliminating preventable losses across your operations
  • Establish your 3rd-party risk assessment process for governance, risk management & compliance purposes
  • Verify you’re not over/under-cyber/liability-insured
  • Keep you informed on current, relevant & emerging threats & applied resilience engineering practices
  • Conduct annual team incident-response simulations (remote/table-top)
  • Ensure technical information brought to you is accurate, complete & what actions to take with it

Pragmatic vs. Academic

It’s not uncommon for IT and/or security advisors to be strictly academic in their recommendations. In reality, it’s okay to have good as a starting or short-term goal, to elevate your organization’s resilience quickly & achieve a sustainable & workable approach with great as a longer-term goal.

My guidance is tailored to your needs, capabilities & budget. Technology and/or security purism has its place but I focus on outcomes that produce value right away.

I Make Complex Things Friendly

I make boring things fun. I work with diverse audiences about technology, security, & resilience problems & solutions all day long. I use cool pictures, audio, video, stories, & memorable metaphors that make sense to everyday people. My training activities & materials aren’t typical, snore-inducing, or face-melting.

When Might I Help?

I can help when you’re frustrated or impatient about the IT, security, & resilience (or lack thereof) in your organization. Maybe you’re concerned about your alignment to industry standards & risks to your organization. I can help you ask the right questions of your current providers & also the accuracy and completeness of the responses you receive.

I Work For You

While I work with you, your team, vendors, partners and/or service providers, I have allegiance only to you. I provide an agnostic, objective & practical perspective. My analysis, synthesis & guidance are truly independent. I answer only to you. I focus on your interests & concerns. 

Get In Touch

Leave a voicemail, I’ll call you back –> +01-312-521-0458

Or send an email: hi [at] chad [dot] ch

Confidentiality: Every conversation with me is confidential. A mutual non-disclosure agreement can be arranged.

Privacy: Compromising your trust would destroy my reputation. I only use your limited personal info for the purpose of responding to you. Specifics can be found in the privacy policy.