Heavenfaced: Gratitude and Grieving

When we’re grieving, it’s easy to forget it’s a mysterious process.

I’m grateful for the music, stories and art that are also mysterious, the way they find us when we need them and help catalyze the process, which can seem to take such a long time.

When Dad died around this time last year, I was listening to The National’s Trouble Will Find Me on a pretty regular rotation. It’s great Fall/Winter sounds.

‘Heavenfaced’ may be written about something else but, for me, it is a somber, healing anthem about dealing with the inevitable in a most gracious, elegant and honest way. The melody and harmonies within incite the most exquisite sadness, simultaneously fostering optimism that, like it or not, this is all a part of the mystery of living and dying, words that seem to become more interchangeable as time goes on.

It is an achievement, a song like this.

It elicits that feeling we get in between moments, in the kind of light that does that thing that makes us know this isn’t a regular sort of moment.