All Because of Her

I made a tribute to Mom, for the Nespresso Talents International Film Festival. It’s the first of its kind, requiring all entries to be submitted in 9 x 16 format, or upright, the way we might view a video on our phones without turning them on their side for 16 x 9, or widescreen-style. Pretty cool idea.

The theme is “The Difference She Makes.” Participants are encouraged to make films about strong, important women who have made a difference, big or small.

Hat tip to my pal, Sammy Tweedy, for the original music.

Working with the 9 x 16 format was tricky but fun. I learned a lot. I can see the potential for this as a tool to tell stories on phones that are friendlier to the way we currently hold them.

Best part: sharing what an amazing woman Mom was. So grateful to have those stories to tell + pass along to her young grandson one day.