My name’s Chad Calease, the one who coded this site by hand, very austerley even in the 90’s but great for keeping artifacts about people, ideas, and technology.

It’s evolved since then into a useful trail that occasionally helps someone find their way back to whatever it was they were supposed to be doing before getting lost on the Internet.

I gravitate towards complex problems that require broad skill sets to solve, like helping business leaders build operational resilience –> https://wimzkl.com/resilience-mindset

Here’s how I can –> help (link opens https://chad.ch/help)

Here’s my –> meandering professional arc (link opens https://about.chad.ch)

I write about some stuff here –> https://chad.ch

Sometimes post still images here –> https://chad.ch/stills/

Some fun, otherwise unrelated videos I make here –> https://video.wimzkl.com

If any of that’s cool, useful, or inspiring, you have permission to use it and please –> share and share, alike (link leads to https://creativecommons.org/use-remix/).

last updated march 2018