Hi there. My name is Chad. This site was initially very austere, written by hand in the 90’s to keep artifacts and stories having mostly to do with people, ideas, and technology. It’s evolved a bit since then hopefully into a useful trail to help someone find their way back to whatever it was they were supposed to be doing before getting lost on the Internet.

Speaking of getting lost, I’m particularly good at guiding others out of forests, both literally and figuratively. It’s work that hardens my skills and softens my heart, which may be a way of saying I’m a self-taught type who learns best from practical application in the field, doing things out in the wild world.

chad calease - people + ideas + technology

My professional trail (link opens https://trail.chad.ch) is a meandering one. I gravitate towards complex problems that require finesse and a broad skill set to solve. Here’s how I can /help. This has shaped me into a people-focused designer at heart and highly fluent technologist by practice.

In spite of our current social-political challenges, I remain optimistic about evolving into a thoughtful culture that values diversity, empathy, neurodiversity, respect, and tolerance, with a genuine commitment to learning and making good choices for future generations.


Since early in 2007, I’ve kept a micro-journal of sorts on Twitter (link opens https://twitter.com/wimzkl) with these same motivations in mind.

I’m interested in a lot of different things and write about them here (link returns to https://chad.ch). If any of that is cool, useful, and/or inspiring you have permission to use it but please remember to share and share, alike (link leads to https://creativecommons.org/use-remix/).

Thanks for reading. See ya round.


last updated march 2018