My name’s Chad Calease and I initially coded this site by hand, very austere even in the 90’s but great for keeping artifacts and stories having mostly to do with people, ideas, and technology.

It’s evolved a bit since then hopefully into a useful trail to help someone find their way back to whatever it was they were supposed to be doing before meandering around on the Internet.

My professional arc is a meandering one but I gravitate towards complex problems that require broad skill sets to solve, like helping business leaders build operational resilience (link opens https://wimzkl.com/resilience-mindset).

Teams know me as a people-focused designer at heart, a fluent technologist in the head, a resourceful collaborator. Here’s how I can help (link opens https://chad.ch/help) and here’s my meandering professional arc (link opens https://about.chad.ch)

I write about some stuff here https://chad.ch and sometimes I post still images I shoot with fancy cameras here https://chad.ch/stills/ and some fun, otherwise unrelated videos I make here –> https://video.wimzkl.com

If any of that’s cool, useful, or inspiring, you have permission to use it and please share and share, alike (link leads to https://creativecommons.org/use-remix/).

last updated march 2018